Exhaust gas heat exchanger for waste heat recovery

Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro 

The Aalborg Micro is a compact exhaust gas heat exchanger  especially designed for waste heat recovery from small gas  turbines as well as from small engines & clean process flue gas.  Furthermore, it is also unique when used as an economizer/ condensing economizer e.g. for gas or diesel fired boilers.  


The Aalborg Micro can operate with a diversity of media,  including water, steam, triethylene glycol (TEG) and thermal  fluid oil (TFO). To date, Alfa Laval Aalborg Micro heat  exchangers have been used in different applications across  a wide range of industries.  


The Aalborg Micro is build in a durable design featuring a  heating surface consisting of a number of coaxial tubes arranged  in a vertical or horizontal cylindrical shell plate. This, ensures a  long-term, trouble-free performance and offers capacities ranging  from approximately 250-5000 kW.  

The heating surface of the Aalborg Micro has been developed  for easy maintenance. Cleaning can be performed either with  a pyrolysis process when operating in dry-run mode or using  optional soot blower rings with compressed air, steam or water.  

When necessary, an integrated regulation damper allows a part  of the exhaust gas to bypass the unit’s heating surface.

Features Advantages Benefits Values 

Water tube coil  design with  

serrated spiral fin  tubes 

Water tube coil  design with serrated  spiral fin tubes 


Low media volume 

Extended heating surface No external by-pass needed 

Dry-run possible 


Low enertia 

Lower footprint & weight Lower footprint 

Cleaning possible during  operation of engine,  turbine or process 

Output can be adjusted  

More up-time 

Less space occupied &  relatively lower investment 

Less space occupied &  relatively lower investment 

Less downtime 

regulation damper Integrated  

during opeartion  

Ability to clean the heating surface  

according to the need No exceed production Extend the time in  

cleaning device 

during operation by using  water, steam or compressed air 

Horizontal & vertical version  

between major cleaning  e.g. via dry-run mode 

Less downtime 

Easy to retrofit & optimum  

for in- & outdoor installation Basic Micro design Geometry 


space utilization 

Weight (incl. insulation) 400 kg to 3900 kg Diameter (incl. insulation) 950 to 1870 mm 

Height (incl. insulation) 1700 to 2800 mm Media inlet/outlet header DN100 

Exhaust inlet/outlet header DN450 to DN1000 Insulation 150 mm 

Technical data 

Capacity 250 – 5000 kW 

Exhaust gas side 

Maximum inlet temperature 600 °C (dry-run 530 °C) 

Minimum outlet temperature Dependent on engine fuel and  exhaust gas composition 

Pressure loss According to customer requirement 

Media side – Aalborg Micro as heat exchanger Through the tubes Water/TEG/TFO Quantity Max. 160000 kg/h Maximum pressure 39 bar(g) 

Maximum media temperature 365°C 

Media side – Aalborg Micro as steam generator Through the tubes Water/steam Quantity Approx. 4000 kg/h Maximum pressure 39 bar(g) 

Standard norm (Industrial) PED + GB + ASME Class (Marine) DNV/GL/ABS/Lloyds etc.

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